About Me
Hello.  My name is Denise Field.  Horses are my passion and have been since I was old enough to remember.  I now  run a small horse rescue called Horses In Need where we help horses recover their health, their personalities and their trust in humans.  Interacting with abused and neglected horses has given me an insight into their souls as well as an enormous amount of experience in handling different personalities. 

So many of the rescue horses come to us with pathological feet issues.  I started to search for methods to help the ones with laminitis, founder, navicular or just plain bad feet.  This quest led me to natural barefoot trimming and I have never looked back!

As a proud member of Pacific Hoof Care Practioners (PHCP) I have found the training and support group to further my trimming skills.

Completed Training includes:
    • Introduction to Natural Hoof Care and the PHCP clinic
    • Hoof Anatomy and Cadaver Trim clinic
    • Booting and Shoe Removal clinic
    • Introduction to Equine Diet and Lifestyle clinic
    • Mentorships completed with:
•Sally Hugg                   www.bare-hooftrim.com
•Sossity Gargulio        www.wildheartshoofcare.com
•Linda Cowles              www.healthyhoof.com
  • Dave Richards EquiCast, EVA, Trimming and Laminitis clinic
  • "Between the Twines" nutrition clinic
  • Brumby Horse Seminar By Brian Hampson of the Australian Brumby Research Unit, School of Veterinary Science, The University of Queensland        www.wildhorseresearch.com

Completed Courses:
    •“Arthritus" course By Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD
I am an:

Authorized EasyCare Inc. boot dealer


Authorized California Trace distributor - 100% of the net proceeds of this amazing mineral supplement purchased through IBE are donated directly to feeding the horses at Horses In Need rescue!

Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming